Foundations for Story Listening (Nederlandse ondertiteling)

Een workshop door Stephen Krashen en Beniko Mason

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Deze workshop bestaat uit twee delen:

Deel 1 (Stephen Krashen):

I describe the research and theory supporting Story Listening, including the concept of Optimal Input and how Story Listening and Reading for Pleasure are the most promising applications of Optimal Input.

Ik beschrijf het onderzoek en de theorie die Story Listening ondersteunen, inclusief het concept van Optimale Input en hoe Story Listening en Reading for Pleasure de meest veelbelovende toepassingen zijn van Optimale Input.

Deel 2 (Beniko Mason):

Story-Listening is based on the Optimal Input Hypothesis (Krashen & Mason, 2020). I have told stories since 1990 in my Guided Self-Selected Reading (GSSR) program in order to provide auditory input in class. After my SL demonstration I added several slides for your information.

Story-Listening is gebaseerd op de Optimale Input Hypothese (Krashen & Mason, 2020). Ik heb sinds 1990 verhalen verteld in mijn programma Guided Self-Selected Reading (GSSR) om auditieve input te geven in de klas. Na mijn SL-demonstratie heb ik ter informatie verschillende dia's toegevoegd. Deze kunt u downloaden.

Stephen Krashen

Stephen Krashen has published over 500 articles and a dozen scholarly books in the fields of literacy, language acquisition, neurolinguistics, and bilingual education. Many of these publications are available for free download at In addition, he was the 1977 Incline Bench Press Champion of Venice Beach (181 pound class) and before the corona virus trained at Gold's Gym in Venice, California. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do because he passed the written examination.

Beniko Mason

Beniko Mason is Professor Emerita at Shitennoji University Junior College in Osaka, Japan. She has been developing and conducting research on Story-Listening and Guided Self-Selected Reading for several decades. Her published papers are available at:

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